Activities & EYFS

All settings and schools offering early education and care from birth to the end of the reception year operate under the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS). The themes of the EYFS are reflected througout the setting, indoors and out;

• A Unique Child

• Positive Relationships

• Enabling Environments

• Learning and Development


These themes are supported by the recognition of three Characteristics of Effective Learning;  Playing, Active Learning, Creating and thinking critically

These characteristics are fostered throughout pre school and ensure that children develop holistically. Every childs learning, development and experience of pre school will be unique, just as they are.  We feel that this is a strength of our setting - children's individuality is genuinely valued.


Within the EYFS three Prime Areas and four Specific Areas are described. We recognise the value of these areas but it is important to remember that children's learning goes above and beyond them as they follow their own interests, supported by our experienced team.


Prime Areas


Personal, Social and Emotional Development 

This area is vital to children’s well-being and is at the core of what we do. Children who are comfortable in the setting and feel valued and safe are able to explore activities, develop friendships and make independent choices.


Communication and Language

As children develop communication skills they are able to build relationships with adults and children. They question, theorise and explain.


Physical Development

Children are constantly ‘on the go’. They have space and resources, inside and outside, to challenge them. They develop gross motor skills (large muscles) climbing, riding and dancing; and fine motor skills (small muscles) threading, playing with pegs and planting seeds.


Specific Areas



Books, stories and songs are enjoyed in their own right, but also used to support and stimulate interest in other areas of the curriculum. Children enjoy mark making and begin to write using a wide range of resources inside and out.



Children explore concepts such as number, shape and space in all areas of the setting - when building, baking, singing and sorting children are developing and understanding in this area.


Understanding the World

Children develop in this area using the outdoor environment to learn about nature, building with construction materials, using ICT and through celebrations of special events. Last year they observed tadpoles turning into frogs - very exciting!


Expressive Arts and Design 

Children use their imaginations in storytelling and role play, painting, modelling and in music and dance.


Wheatcroft Pre School Playgroup

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